Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           What is the Dutch name for NATO?

b           Write down the names of the NATO countries you know.



All the world is looking at the current situation in Ukraine.
People in the West are talking about NATO. Should they do something? What should they do?

But first things first: What is NATO?

The UK Ministry of Defence has summed up 13 things to know about NATO.

Scan the text: Let your eyes move quickly over the page. When your eye catches an important word or phrase, stop to read the details.


Assignment 2

Find the words and expressions in the left column in the text. Connect each one with the correct definition in the right column.

1.     alliance a.     arrangements by which different parties agree about what is to be done
2.     a founding member b.     a bond or connection between states or countries
3.     attack c.     disagreements or arguments
4.     provocation d.     finding an answer or solution to a conflict or problem without fighting or force
5.     political and military means e.     an idea that forms the basis of a particular institution or organization
6.     peaceful resolution f.      most important job
7.     disputes g.     an original member of a group
8.     a last resort h.     the protection of a country against any harmful attack
9.     to commit i.      to say that you will definitely do something and stick to it
10.  security j.      a situation in which something such as an economy or system can continue in a regular and successful way
11.  stability k.     something done only if nothing else works
12.  agreements l.      something that causes anger or action
13.  a founding principle m.   a violent act against someone or something
14.  core task n.     a way of using politics and armed forces to get what you want


Assignment 3

a        How many members does NATO have today?

1     Five.
2     Seventy.
3     Thirteen.
4     Thirty.


b        How does NATO get new members?

1     Any country is welcome to join if it can contribute to security and stability in the world.
2     A country can ask to join; it has to meet certain criteria to actually become a member.
3     Currently, NATO does not accept any new members.
4     NATO actively invites countries to join to grow as big as possible.


c        What does “collective defence” mean?

1     All NATO countries have teamed up to form one collective cyber defence force.
2     If any NATO country is attacked, this will be seen as an attack on all NATO countries.
3     If one NATO country is attacked, over 3 million men and women will collectively respond.
4     When NATO countries consult every day, they are collectively defended by each other.




WK 10 2021-2022 Lezen B2 – NATO

WK 10 2021-2022 Lezen B2 – NATO – uitwerking

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