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False Alarm

Zingende merel in boom

Who fooled police officers in England last week?

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources or a dictionary to help you.

a        Write down the names of 3 or more birds.

b        Write down 5 or more words related to the police.

False Alarm

Bicester is a pretty town in England. It made the headlines last week. The police were involved…

Read the text to find out what happened in Bicester.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text.

Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.  sirena.   all the plays, songs, dances, etc., that a performer and can perform
2.  confusedb.   an area that an animal or group of animals uses and defends
3.  faultyc.    to copy, to imitate
4.  the culpritd.  a great beginning
5.   (to) mimice.  mate, comrade, friend
6.   showing offf.   not working like it should
7.   companiong.   the one who is guilty of some crime or other wrongdoing
8.   territoryh.  a piece of equipment that produces a loud, high-pitched warning sound
9.   repertoirei.  puzzled; not understanding what is going on
10. a flying startj.  trying to impress someone with the things you can do

Assignment 3

a    Why was the police “a little bit confused”?

1    One of their car sirens was broken, but they couldn’t find out which one.

2    Some officers played an April Fools joke on them with a car siren.

3    They thought they heard a police siren, but it turned out to be a singing bird.

4    They went viral on social media with a funny video.

b    Why do birds mimic the sounds they hear?

1    To confuse the police.

2    To practise their singing skills.

3    To show that they are the best at everyting.

4    To tell other birds that all is safe.

c     How do birds sing?

1    By imitating sounds they hear around them.

2    By using muscles in their throats.

3    With their beaks and lips.

4    With their vocal chords.


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