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Beating Fake News

Fake news

Fake news is actually false news.

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

News outlets are television, radio, and publishing companies that bring news stories.

a​ Name 3 or more news outlets. At least 2 of them should be British or American.

Beating Fake News

Fake news is the pest of modern times. But is it really? Actually, it always has been around. The thing is, with the internet it just spreads so easily. 

Find out how to spot it. Read The history of fake news
Skip the video for now.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:

synonymous  to criticise  origin  (to) steer clear  fact-checkers  triple check  impartiality  to be aware  (to) sway  biased  to question

Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

a ​beginning

b ​check three times

c ​fairness; objectivity, without choosing any sides in an argument

d ​to have doubts about something

e ​having the same meaning

f​ to influence your opinion or point of view

g ​to keep away from something completely

h ​to know that something (such as a situation, condition, or problem) exists

i ​one-sided; prejudiced

j ​people who check that all the facts in a news article, a speech, etc. are correct

k​ to say that something (or someone) is bad

Assignment 3

a​ What are the the top tips to help you steer clear of fake news?

1​ Check the source three times, “fact” and “ficiton” are key words, don’t spread fake news.

2​ Check the source, ask a fact-checker, always trust your personal views.

3​ Check the source, find three other sources that confirm a story, make sure the story is balanced.

4​ Check the source, try to find reliable sources, question everything you see or read online.

b​ Good or bad? For each word or expression, choose if it signals fake news or not.

1​ balanced

2​ doesn’t include all angles

3​ double and triple check

4​ omitting information

5​ reliable source

6 ​reputable and trustworthy

c ​“If a story is being widely reported from lots of different (reliable!) sources, the greater the odds are that it’s real.” What does this mean?

1​ If many different journalists report the same story, it shows that it is a very odd story.

2​ If you read the same story on many different reliable sites, there is a good chance it is real.

3​ A real story will only be published by reliable sources, after it has been triple checked.

4​ Trustworthy news outlets will never publish a widely reported story if it isn’t real.

Extra assignment

a​ Keep on informing yourself! Do one or more of the following:

1​ Watch the video in the article, about the history of fakes news.

2​ Watch and read more about finding reliable stories.

3​ Check out the video on how journalists fact-check a story.

4​ Read and learn more about misinformation.

5​ Keep up the good work.


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