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The European Union

Meisjes high-fiven voor Europese vlag

What do you know about the European Union?

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources or a dictionary to help you.

a Write down the English names of at least 5 countries that are part of the European Union.

If you don’t know the English name of a country, then look it up.

The European Union

Last week, the election of the parliament for the EU took place.

The European elections are one of the biggest democratic elections in the world.
EU stands for European Union.

Read about some key facts about the European Union.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text.
Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.​ avoida. a black or dark brown kind of rock within the earth that is used as a fuel (brandstof)
2.​ future warsb. to do one thing to make sure another thing will not happen
3.​ coalc. energy that is produced by a nuclear reactor
4.​ steeld. fighting and conflicts between countries that might happen at a later time
5.​ communitye.​ given a prize or some other reward
6.​ cooperatef. a group of countries that have the same interests and are working together
7.​ nuclear powerg.​ the individual nations that belong to an international organization
8.​ membersh. ​made a change from one thing to another
9.​ switchedi.the money that a country uses
10.​ currencyj. people or things that belong to a group or an organization
11.​ awardedk. ​a very strong, hard metal
12.​ member countriesl.​ to work together

Assignment 3

a Why did some European countries decide to work together?

1 To avoid future wars.
2 To get rid of taxes and rules.
3 To help each other.
4 To produce nuclear power.

b What happened first? What happened next?
Put the events in the correct order.

1 The EC was formed.
2 Euratom was set up.
3 The euro was introduced.
4 The European Union was formed.
5 Six countries brought together their coal and steel businesses.
6 World War II ended.

c When was the European Union formed?

1 In 1952.
2 In 1991.
3 In 1993.
4 In 1999.


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