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New airline offers flights for dogs

Hond op schoot in vliegtuig

What would you do to take your dog with you on a plane? A new airline is offering a service that lets dogs fly with you.


  • Some people call their pet their fur child.
  • A charter jet is a type of private jet that you can rent.
  • Canines is another word for dogs.
  • A one-way flight only goes to one destination, and a return flight goes to a destination and back.
  • Animals usually fly in a crate: a big plastic box or cage.
  • Cargo is another word for things being carried during transport, like luggage.
  • The inaugural flight is the first flight.
  • To embark on something is to start something.
  • Commercial air travel is what you call flights that you can buy tickets for (unlike flights on private planes).


Watch the video from 0:00 to 01:19

1. The commercial for the airline is meant to be funny. What plus points does the commercial joke about?

A: The seats and the entertainment.

B: The food, the drinks, and the luxury.

C: The food and the entertainment.

D: The crates and lines.

2. What did Matt Meeker do to show how it feels to fly as a dog?

A: He created an ad that shows the horrors dogs go through.

B: He made a new type of crate that dogs can travel in.

C: He flew inside a crate to show that this is uncomfortable for dogs.

D: He went on a flight of four hours with only dogs on the plane.

Watch from 01:19 till the end of the video.

3. Watch the interview with Matt Meeker. Fill in: true or false?

A: The first flight to New York took place yesterday.

B: It’s taken him and his team 8 years to create this airline.

C: He already has a dog toys and food company.

D: He says he is trying to solve the problem of families not being able to take their dogs overseas.

4. What does Matt Meeker say about the cost of the flights?

A: It’s worth it for your dog.

B: The cost will go down over time.

C: It’s cheaper than commercial airlines.

D: The demand shows that people think it’s worth it.

5. Matt Meeker has received 15,000 requests since he started the airline. What were these requests for?

6. What do you think about the Bark Air service? Explain your opinion about the service and the price.

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