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Big, Bigger, Biggest

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Guinness World Records is all about big, bigger, biggest.

Assignment 1

a        You’ve got “big – bigger – biggest”. Now do the same with the following words (adjectives).
Write your answers down.
Make comparisons and superlatives with:

1    bad

2    crazy

3    fat

4    good

5    happy

6    heavy

7    large

8    lucky

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Guinness World Records covers all types of records about the world and the people that live in it. Check out some of the more recent record-breakingfruits and vegetables.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text.

Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.      gianta.     to find out how heavy something is
2.      (to) weighb.     greater, higher, better, etc., than any other in the past
3.      occasionallyc.     the length of a line that goes around something
4.      (to) smiled.     much larger than normal
5.      record-breakinge.     oranges, grapefruits, lemons, etc.
6.      citrus fruitsf.      a person who grows plants and takes care of them
7.      circumferenceg.     a piece of land used for growing plant products or raising animals
8.      farmh.     put away somewhere to use later
9.      storedi.      sometimes; now and then
10.   gardenerj.      to turn up the corners of your mouth because you are happy or amused

Assignment 3

a    Choose all fruit and vegetable names that are in the text.

1    apples

2    berry

3    butternut squash

4    chihuahuas

5    cucumber

6    lemons

7    sandwich

8    strawberry

b    True or false?

1    Normal blueberries weigh about one to three grams.

2    The world’s heaviest blueberry was grown in Costa Rica.

3    The world’s heaviest strawberry has been sitting in a freezer since 2021.

4    The heaviest pumpkin weighs almost 1247 kilo.

5    The heaviest pumpkin was grown by a man in Italy.

6    The record for the heaviest watermelon was set in 2013.

c     Choose the best summary.

1    Chihuahuas and baby elephants are getting heavier each year.

2    Fruits and vegetables are bigger in Australia because of climate change.

3    Giant fruits and vegetables break records all over the world.

4    Turns out it is impossible to smash record-breaking watermelons.


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