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Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Geology is the study of natural materials on earth and processes within the earth. List 5 or more words connected to geology.

b           Write down the names of all continents of the world.



Happy New Year, the ground is sinking under you… Say what? Well yes, the gound under our feet is actually sinking.

Read about it here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. For each definition, find the word or expression it describes in the text and write it down.

  1. becoming lower, moving downwards
  2. a hole so deep that it cannot be measured
  3. careful studies of something to learn more about it
  4. to make worse
  5. a small part of something
  6. easily becoming covered with water because of heavy rain or high water
  7. making people worried or upset
  8. toward the inside of something
  9. causing a lot of damage or destruction
  10. at the present time
  11. a very large or important city
  12. a general direction of change
  13. to flow or spread slowly through small openings
  14. large holes that suddenly appear in the ground
  15. the act or process of getting something out of something
  16. water that collects below the surface of the earth


Assignment 3

a        Choose the best summary.

1     For some people, the new year is so terrifying that it feels like the ground is sinking.
2     Millions of people are put at risk because the earth’s land surface is slowly sinking.
3     Research shows that the earth’s ground is sinking, but for most people it is not a big deal.
4     The earth’s ground surface is actually sinking, but that is just a natural process.


b        What does subsidence mean?

1     All the research that is done to understand the sinking of the earth’s ground surface.
2     The financing of projects to do something against the sinking of the ground.
3     The phenomenon that the earth’s ground surface is sinking slowly.
4     The sinking of the ground in North America and Europe over the next 20 years.


c        Why have the US started to move some cities away from the coast?

1     Last year’s presidential election shows that people have to be spread more democratically.
2     The Indonesian succes of relocating Jakarta shows that this is a good idea.
3     These cities could become flooded because of the sinking of the ground plus climate change.
4     To make room for the millions of people that will lose their homes because of the sinking ground.



This reading assignment is about subsidence and Jakarta.





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