Weird Weather Event

Amateur photographer Risto Mattila had his lucky day. He was at a beach in Finland and saw a rare weather event.

Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you. If you only know the Dutch word, use a dictionary to find the English word.

a           Work with one or more classmates. Make a list of words related to the weather.
b           What is the most unusual weather event you have ever seen?

Weird Weather Event

Thousands of so-called ice eggs have covered a beach in Finland in a rare weather event. The event is described here.

After reading the BBC article, read this additional information about ice eggs:

How do ice eggs form?

  • Ice eggs are rare and happen only around once a year in the correct conditions. The air temperature has to be just below zero while the water temperature must also be near freezing point.
  • A shallow and slightly sloping sandy beach with calm waves is the perfect setting for the ice eggs to form.
  • The ice begins to collect and form a core as a small wave moves it along the beach, forward and back.
  • A small ball surface gets wet, freezes and becomes bigger and bigger as it rolls back and forth.
[Based on:]


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning in the text.

1.   eggs a. a person who does something (such as a hobby) for pleasure and not as a job
2.   rare b. British Broadcasting Corporation, a British radio and television company
3.   phenomenon c.  centre
4.   amateur d. nearby area
5.   BBC e.  not common or usual; not often done, seen, or happening
6.   vicinity f.   not deep
7.   posterity g. oval or round things from which young birds, snakes, frogs, insects, etc., are born
8.   to jostle around h. people living on earth after us, people in the future
9.   shallow i.   running down at an angle
10. sloping j.   something that is very impressive or remarkable
11.  core k.  to push and move around


Assignment 3

a        True or false?

1     The ice eggs were lying on an island.
2     Some of the ice balls were as big as footballs.
3     Risto Mattila takes pictures of the ice eggs every year.
4     The balls of ice are only found on European beaches.
5     Ice eggs can be formed from both salty and sweet water.


b        Why did Risto Mattila take photos of the ice eggs?

1     He takes pictures all the time to share them on social media.
2     He took them so people in the future can see the ice eggs too.
3     He was there for work and needed pictures for a nature website.
4     His wife asked him to take pictures to show to their children.


c        What are the correct conditions for ice eggs to occur? Select all the correct answers.

1     A deserted beach
2     A long, cold winter
3     A sandy beach
4     Air temperature just below zero
5     Small waves
6     Water temperature almost below zero
7     Winter storms


WK 49 2019-2020 Lezen B1 Weird Weather Event

WK 49 2019-2020 Lezen B1 Weird Weather Event – uitwerking

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