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Storm Arwen

Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Name 10 or more weather words.


Storm Arwen

A big storm has hit the UK. It brought strong winds and caused lots of disruption. It is called Storm Arwen

Find out more here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning in the text.

1.     army a.     a part of a country
2.     region b.     a very serious or bad event
3.     heating c.     all of the soldiers and other military people of a country
4.     power lines d.     checking if everything is okay by going from one home to the other
5.     worst-affected areas e.     cables used to bring electricity to an area or buildings
6.     a major incident f.      expected to come
7.     due to arrive g.     far away from where other people live
8.     troops h.     fixed and workin again
9.     door-to-door checks i.      frozen or partly frozen rain
10.  remote j.      groups of soldiers
11.  power cuts k.     parts of the country that have seen the most storm damage
12.  restored l.      periods of time when there is no electricity in a building or area
13.  properties m.   pieces of land often with buildings on it
14.  phone-charging points n.     places where you can feed electricity into your phone battery
15.  sleet o.     a system that is used to provide warmth to a room or building


Assignment 3

a        Why was the army sent in to areas hit by Storm Arwen?

1        To assist Prime Minister Boris Johnson in his fight against Scotland.
2        To check homes and help people where necessary.
3        To restore the local electricity networks.
4        To set up charging points for people without electricity.


b        Why can people get money as compensation?

1        Because they didn’t get any electricity for some time.
2        Because they had to check door to door at 19,000 homes.
3        Because they have to take care of 130 troops.
4        Because they were without power for seven whole days.


c        In total, how many homes were without electricity because of Storm Arwen?

1        13,000 properties.
2        19,000 homes.
3        Almost a million households.
4        Around 3,000 homes.



WK 49 2021-2022 Lezen B1 – Storm Arwen

WK 49 2021-2022 Lezen B1 – Storm Arwen – uitwerking

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