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Not So Dumb

Assignment 1

a        Name 5 or more words that have to with phones.


Not So Dumb

Not everyone wants to be online all the time. They start out with a digital detox. Some people then prefer to keep it simpler.

Find out more in this BBC News report.

Read the tekst up to the third picture (“Robin West says her friends keep asking her when she is going to get a new smartphone”).


Assignment 2

Find the words in the text.

Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.     clever a.     almost the same as something else
2.     handset b.     attracted; drawn
3.     anomaly c.     a choice that you make about something after thinking about it
4.     peers d.     costing a lot of money
5.     functionality e.     a mobile phone
6.     definitely f.      not dumb
7.     similar g.     people who belong to the same age group or social group as others
8.     decision h.     present
9.     to ditch i.      a set of functions in a computer, program, device, etc.
10.  spur of the moment thing j.      a small, hard block of baked clay, used to build houses and more
11.  replacement k.     something done suddenly and without planning
12.  lured l.      something that is unusual or unexpected
13.  brick m.   to stop having or using something
14.  current n.     a thing that takes the place of another
15.  expensive o.     without any question; certainly


Assignment 3

1        Why is Robin West “an anomaly among her peers” (different than other kids her age)?

a    She is definitely more proactive.
b    She is happy with her dumbphone.
c     She is not clever, but smart.
d    She is not smart, but clever.


2        Choose all the correct answers. Dumphones are also called…

a    Apps phones.
b    Brick phones.
c     Bricks.
d    Cell phones.
e    Clever phones.
f      Feature phones.


3        Why did Robin decide to stop using a smartphone?

a    She didn’t want an expensive monthly bill.
b    She felt limited by her smartphone.
c     She hated that her smartphone was taking over her life.
d    She was attracted to the low price.



WK 13 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Not So Dumb

WK 13 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Not So Dumb – uitwerking


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