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Going Off-Trail

Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a     Make a list of things you can do outside when there is snow and ice.
Write down the English words you already know.
Look up any words you know in Dutch but not in English.

b     Combine all the lists into one big list.
For each activity, find out how many people in your class have done it.
Make a top three of activities most people in your class have done.


Going Off-Trail

When you go off trail, you leave the safe, known trail behind and explore new areas. This can be a great adventure. But you have to be very careful. You don’t know what you will find.

In Canada, two young snowboarders had their own adventure going off-trail. Read about it here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning in the text.

1.     trail a.    a bag for carrying things on your back
2.     backcountry b.    a condition in which your fingers or toes freeze or almost freeze
3.     suspended c.    a country or mountain area that is away from cities, with few people
4.     backpack d.    happy and optimistic
5.     to rescue e.    having good things happening to you
6.     lucky f.     having the training and experience that is needed to do something
7.     In good spirits g.    in a dangerous or bad situation
8.     frostbite h.    a large amount of snow falling quickly down the side of a mountain
9.     compromising i.     not moving or going anywhere
10.  in trouble j.     a path through a forest, mountainside, field, etc.
11.  staying put k.    a place that covers or protects people
12.  shelter l.     possibly dangerous
13.  skilled m.  to save people from danger or harm
14.  awareness n.    stopped for a short or long time
15.  avalanche o.    an understanding and knowledge of a situation


Assignment 3

a     Put the events in the right order.

1     A doctor made sure the boys were okay.
2    Because of the weather the search for the boys was stopped during the night.
3    One of the boys can tell his teacher: “Sorry, I don’t have my homework. I had to burn it.”
4    The boys made a fire to keep warm.
5    The boys returned home.
6    The two boys didn’t return from a snowboarding trip.
7    The two boys were spotted by people in a helicopter.


b     How were the boys after a night out in the snow?

1    They had some frostbite, but were cheerful.
2    They said they would never go snowboarding again.
3    They were not seriously hurt and were cheerful.
4    They were very cold and afraid that nobody would find them.


c     What does Sandra Riches say about going off-trail?

1    If you can make a fire, go for it.
2    It’s great fun if you like adventures.
3    It’s okay for trained people.
4    Just don’t do it.


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