Flower Power

Assignment 1

a        Name 5 or more words related to plants. NO flowers allowed on this list.

b        Now name 5 or more flowers.


Flower Power


It looks as if flowers are blooming a month early because of climate change in the UK.

Find out more at Newsround.



Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.     blooming a.     to change behaviour so that it is easier to live in a particular situation
2.     accounts b.     descriptions of a situation, stories or reports about something
3.     a span c.     to have a strong effect
4.     observations d.     in a state in which two or more things do not match one another
5.     flowering e.     to make something come closer to something else
6.     to associate f.      making and having flowers
7.     spring g.     making and having flowers
8.     to impact h.     a period of time
9.     alarming i.      to react
10.  to attract j.      to stay alive
11.  to respond k.     the season between winter and summer, when plants and trees begin to grow
12.  out of synch l.      things noticed by watching and listening
13.  to adapt m.   to think of one thing when you think of another thing
14.  to survive n.     ways of behaving
15.  habits o.     worrying, giving cause for alarm


Assignment 3

a        Why are flowers blooming earlier?

1    Because of Brexit, flowers in the UK don’t have to follow EU regulations any more.
2    Because the temperatures are warmer earlier in the year as a result of climate change.
3    Because they want to attract particular types of insects as soon as possible.
4    The flowers are blooming in survival mode because more and more Insects are becoming extinct.


b        Why does it matter when flowers bloom?

1    Birds and insects need flowers to live. If flowers bloom at changing times, they will be upset and drop dead.
2    It does not really matter. It is only important that flowers bloom at some time of the year.
3    Many animals and insects need plants to survive. They could die if they missed the flowers blooming.
4    Scientists and professors at Cambridge University need to know when flowers bloom for their work.


c        What is “Nature’s Calendar”?

1     A calendar with pictures of flowers.
2     A charity in the UK that studies climate change.
3     A collection of data related to plants.
4     A season calendar for nature in the UK.



WK 06 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Flower Power

WK 06 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – Flower Power – uitwerking


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