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Flaming Hot

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Name 5 or more types of natural disasters.
b           Discuss your lists with your classmates: Which of the natural disasters you have listed could be a result of climate change?

Flaming Hot
There is news of forest fires in many countries around the world.
Check out this story of wildfires burning in the forests of Canada.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:

officials – (to) monitor – to be informed – out-of-control – harmful – a threat – firefighters – vehicles – to adapt – coping – evacuation – preventing – banned

Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

a       cars, trucks, buses, etc.
b       dangerous
c        dealing with and accepting changed situations
d       forbidden; not allowed
e       to have information
f         to make changes so that things are better suited for new and future situations
g        making sure something will not happen
h       people whose job is to put out fires
i         people with authority who work for the government
j         situation when persons or things are taken out of a dangerous area
k        so big and bad that it can no longer be controlled
l         something that could cause danger and trouble
m      to watch and observe and to check a situation regularly

Assignment 3

a        What is forest fire season?

1     One of the four periods of the year on the firefighters’ calendar.
2     Summer in Canada when everyone goes hiking and lights campfires.
3     The summer months when officials plan and monitor forest fires.
4     The time of year when many wildfires in forests are expected.

b        True or false?

1     Firefighters focus their time on dangerous fires.
2     Firefighters put out all wildfires.
3     In Canada, more wildfires are expected to happen in the future.
4     Not all fires are dangerous.
5     Out-of-controll wildfires are typical for Canada.
6     The huge wildfires in Canada are partly caused by climate change.

c        “Thankfully, raw marshmallows are pretty tasty too.” Why is this stated here?

1    Firefighters can only bring raw marshmallows when they go do their work. But they taste okay too.
2    In some parts of Canada, roasted marshmallow are banned. Raw marshallows are still allowed everywhere.
3    Raw marshmallows are healthier than roasted marshmallows. Luckily, they are also sweet and tasty.
4    When campfires are banned you cannot roast your marshmallows. But you can still eat raw marshmallows.


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