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COP Jargon

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Brainstorm with a classmate to make a list of 10 climate words.

COP JargonCarbon footprint, greenhouse gases, net zero, runaway climate change…Find out what all these words and phrases related to COP27 mean.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:

to attend – conference – to contribute – crucial – to emit – overall – a polluter – power stations – renewable – responsible – tackling – target – tipping point – tricky – zero

Now read the definitions. Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

  1. a meeting which often lasts a few days and where many people come together to talk about a particular subject
  2. difficult
  3. to be present at a meeting or other event
  4. to produce and send out heat, gas, a smell, etc.
  5. a person or company that makes land, water, air, etc. dirty and dangerous to use
  6. to be one of the reasons why something is happening
  7. places where electricity is produced
  8. extremely important
  9. dealing with
  10. being the cause of something
  11. 0
  12. in general
  13. a result that you are trying to achieve
  14. able to be replaced by nature
  15. the critical point in a situation that leads to a big change

Assignment 3

a        What is COP27?

1     A big international meeting about climate change where leaders of 27 countries meet and talk.
2     The 27th climate change conference of world leaders and many delegates that is held in Egypt.
3     The crisis conference organized by the UN in Egypt to talk about tricky scientific language.
4     The international climate change conference that takes place in Egypt every year.

b        What is climate change?

1     A change in temperature to 1.5 degrees higher all over the world.
2    A change in the political climate in countries all over the world.
3    A change in the usual weather in many places in the world.
4    A change in the weather at the beginning of summer and winter.

c        What is true about positive feedback loops?

1     They are an example of terrible climate hoaxes.
2     They are good for the climate and life on earth.
3     They lead to a bad situation that keeps getting worse.
4     They lead to a good situation that keeps getting better.


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