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A Fresh Start

Assignment 1

Write down:

a        The months of the year.
b        The days of the week.

Remember: Days and months always begin with a capital letter (hoofdletter)!


A Fresh Start


It’s 2022: a new year! It is a bit like a fresh start.

Many people have New Year’s resolutions. They want to do some things differently.

Read some examples here.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.     differently a.     good for your body and mind
2.     struggling b.     friendlier and kinder
3.     hobby c.     drawing
4.     healthy d.     finding it difficult to do something
5.     sport e.     having a better feeling about yourself and life in general
6.     arty f.      interested in arts, making nice things and being creative
7.     sketch g.     not bad for the natural world around us
8.     eco-friendly h.     not the same; in another way
9.     recycling i.      physical activity (like running, swimming, ball games, etc.)
10.  single-use j.      playing computer games
11.  brushing k.     reusing things instead of just throwing them away
12.  tech-free l.      scrubbing and cleaning with a brush
13.  gaming m.   something you do for fun when you are free from school or work
14.  happier n.     used only one time and then thrown away
15.  nicer o.     without using technology


Assignment 3

a        What is a New Year’s resolution?

1     A list of ideas and plans for the new year, for people who are struggling with reading.
2     A plan to maybe give up flying and do some other good things for the environment in 2022.
3     A promise politicians make to stop talking and start doing in the new year.
4     A promise to yourself that you will try to do something that is good for you in the new year.


b        Select all the ideas that are given in the text.

1     Take up a sport to keep active.
2     Learn an instrument.
3     Clean up the kitchen.
4     Eat more healthy things.
5     Paint your room green.
6     Be positive, enjoy the new year.


c        Why is spreading kindness a good idea?

1     It can help you feel happier.
2     It helps the environment.
3     It is something you can do online.
4     It is the most healthy for us.


Assignment 4 (Writing)

What have you got planned?

a        Write down what you are planning on doing in 2022.

Tip: Read comments by others for inspiration.



WK 01 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – A Fresh Start

WK 01 2021-2022 Lezen A2 – A Fresh Start – uitwerking

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