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Time to Move On

Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a          YouTube is a social media channel. Name at least three other social media channels.

b          Take a class poll on social media. Which channels or networks have the most users in your class?

Time to Move On

“It’s Time To Move On…”

That’s the title of the latest video from the Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Their YouTube name is “The Dolan Twins”. The two YouTubers have over one million subscribers. They started publishing weekly videos when they were 14 years old. They have done this for five years. Now they have decided to slow down.

Their latest video is an hour long. It already had more than four million views a day after it was uploaded. In the video, Ethan and Grayson announce they will no longer be making videos every Tuesday.

They say they’re doing it for their mental health.

The brothers are now 19 years old. In their video they visit another YouTuber. His name is Shane Dawson. They have a long talk with Shane.

The twins tell Shane that it became difficult for them to publish weekly videos. They ended up both having a burnout. They were so busy with the weekly videos that they did not have much time for their personal lives outside of YouTube.

“I never really knew why I had this fire inside me to keep going when everything in my body and my mind was telling me to stop,” said Grayson.

The twins also talk about their dad, who died in January 2019. They did not grieve properly because they went back to work really fast. They felt pressure to keep making new videos every week.

The twins told their fans that they won’t be quitting YouTube altogether. They will do it differently from now on. They will stop producing weekly videos and focus more on making better content.

Most fans have been supportive.

Some fans are very unhappy. They will miss the weekly videos. But some are focusing on the bright side.

Some are claiming that the twins are making the announcement a much bigger deal than it actually is.

There was some criticism, but most fans made positive comments to the video. Many fans are calling the twins brave for being open about their mental health.

Based on:;

Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.      to move on a.      to be less active and relax more
2.      subscribers b.      the condition or well-being of your mind
3.      to slow down c.      to express thoughts and feelings in a direct and honest way
4.      mental health d.      to feel or express great sadness,especially when someone dies
5.      to grieve e.      followers of a YouTube channel
6.      to feel pressure f.       giving help and positive feedback to someone
7.      supportive g.      to go on with your life because you accept that things have changed
8.      a big deal h.      to have a strong feeling that people expect you to do things
9.      actually i.       not afraid of difficult things or situations
10.   brave j.       really
11.   to be open k.      something that is very important

 Assignment 3

a       Put the events in the correct order.

1    Both twins had a burnout.

2    Ethan and Grayson had a long talk with Shane Dawson.

3    Ethan’s and Grayson’s dad died.

4    The Dolan Twins published a video with the title “It’s Time To Move On…”

5    The Dolan Twins started publishing weekly videos.

b       Why will Ethan and Grayson no longer publish a new video every Tuesday?

1    Their fans want less videos.

2    They are doing it for their mental health.

3    They hope to get more subscribers with better content.

4    They need time to grieve the death of their dad.

c       How have the fans reacted to the news that there will be less videos?

1    Many fans have opened up about their own mental health problems.

2    Many fans say they will not watch the videos any more.

3    Most fans are positive and understand the decision.

4    Some fans are positive, but some are really mad at the twins.


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