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Working Together

Leaders of European countries met in Prague last week.



  • When pan- is added to the beginning of a word it connects all the things belonging to this word. So Pan-European means: having to do with all countries or places in Europe.
  • If someone spearheads a project, they lead it.
  • Formal decisions are official decisions, when all participants decide something and they will actually make this happen.




  1. What does EPC stand for?
    a      European Political Committee
    b      European Political Community
    c       European Project for Climate
    d      Extra Pan-European Conference.


  1. How many countries were represented at the EPC meeting?
    a      30 countries (27 EU countries and Turkey, Ukraine and the UK)
    b      27 EU countries and all 4 UK countries
    c       27 EU countries and 17 non-EU countries
    d      31 European countries.


  1. Which were some topics the leaders discussed? Choose all the correct answers.
    a      Brexit
    b      climate
    c       migration
    d      Pan-European decisions
    e      security
    f      the economy





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