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Making games more accessible for people with disabilities

Vrouw met handicap speelt videogame

Many people enjoy playing video games, but games can be hard to control for people with a physical disability. New technology could offer a solution.


  • suite of programs is a collection of computer programs that are related to each other, use a similar interface, and can share information with each other.
  • Motion input describes the way movement (motion) gives information to a computer or program or to control something on a computer or program.
  • The term limbs is used to refer to the arms and legs of a person or animal.
  • Gestures are movements made with your hands and arms to communicate something.
  • Specialized equipment are tools or machines that are designed to do something very specific.
  • The engine of a program is what processes data and makes the program work. 


Watch the video from 0:00 to 01:03.

1. Why are the pupils at the Richard Cloudesly School allowed to play video games at school?

2. What did the students at the University College London (UCL) do? 

A: They taught children with disabilities how to play video games for four years.

B: They built specialized equipment that helps people with disabilities play video games.

C: They developed motion input software that can be used to play video games.

D: They researched with parts of the body people with various disabilities can still move.

3. The video lists several input methods that can be used with the motion input software. Which input methods are mentioned? Name at least two. 

Watch the video from 01:03 to 02:21.

4. Prof Dean Mohamedally from UCL explains how they used software from Intel to make these games. Which benefits of this software does he mention?

A: The students can customise the software.

B: It runs on any PC or laptop.

C: It has its own engine.

D: It is based on scientific research.

E: You don’t need special equipment.

F: It can be used with a VR-headset 

G: It can be used with a normal webcam.

H: It’s easy to use for children.

5. Why are the students of UCL working with the pupils of the Richard Cloudesly School?

Watch 02:21 to the end of the video.

6. Reporter Paul Carter tries playing some games too. Which methods does he use to play Minecraft? Hint: the video mentions two methods.

7. If you could use this technology in your daily life, what would you use it for?

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