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Word of the Year: AI

Everybody is talking about AI. Let’s take a closer look.

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a        Write down 5 or more words related to computers.

Word of the year: AI

Each year, Collins’ Dictionary chooses a word of the year.
They have now announced their word of 2023.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.   artificiala.      all by itself; without any help from other people or machines
2.   independentb.      difficult to deal with and full of problems
3.   to cheatc.       not natural, but made or produced by humans
4.   assignmentsd.      not planned
5.   to recommende.       powerful people in the technology sector
6.   unintendedf.        professors and other members of colleges and universities
7.   consequencesg.      the result that they want to get
8.   tech leadersh.      to say that something is good and that you might like it
9.   academicsi.        tasks or jobs that you must do
10.  the aimj.        things that happens as a result of something else
11.  problematick.       to use unfair or forbidden tricks to succeed
12.  concernedl.        worried, troubled

Assignment 3

a    What is AI?

1    The artificial idea that computers will rule the world in future.

2    The power of a machine to act intelligently in a human way.

3    The software that computers need to function.

4    The two-day event in the UK where world leaders, tech leaders and academics meet.

b    What can AI do? Choose all correct answers.

1    Come up with information really quickly.

2    Create pictures.

3    Everything people can do.

4    Help streaming apps know what films to recommend to you.

5    Make it possible for smart speakers to function.

6    Make risks less problematic for people.

7    Organize events for world leaders, tech leaders and academics.

8    Write stories.

c     Why has everyone been talking about AI in 2023?

1    Because it is word of the year.

2    Because it plays an important role in the Ukraine war.

3    Because many students use it to cheat in tests or assignments

4    Because people are starting to see the risks of AI.

Assignment 4

a    Try out the word of the year quiz.

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