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Woman breaks the world record for highest rope climb 

Vrouw klimt in touw

Athlete Anouk Garnier broke the record for the highest rope climb. She completed the climb at the Eiffel Tower.


  • Something is monumental when it’s impressive or iconic, it’s something to be remembered (like a monument).
  • When you say someone set their sights on something, it means they are determined to do or get something.
  • When you have accomplished a task, it means you successfully completed it.
  • Obstacle course racing is a sport when you run and try to get over obstacles as fast as possible. Racers have to do things like climb, crawl, swim, jump and much more to cross the obstacles.
  • When you visualise something, you think about what something looks like (or could look like).
  • A vertically suspended rope is a rope that is hanging down from something.
  • The feeling you get when your whole body is tired and weak is called fatigue


1. How does Anouk feel about breaking the record? Choose the best summary.

A: She feels upset that she had to wait a year to do it. 

B: She still feels very shocked and can’t believe she’s done it. 

C: She feels very proud and is happy she showed other people she could do it.

D: She feels emotional because she has wanted this for a long time.

2. What did Anouk do to prepare for breaking the record? Write out your answer.

3. Put the numbers in the right place.

90 – 110 – 316 – 20 

Anouk Garnier climbed […] metres, or more than […] feet in American measurements. The previous world record for climbing a rope was […] metres. However, those extra […] metres were hard work for Anouk. 

4. Anouk had to take breaks regularly to be able to climb the whole rope. Why is this?

A: Because she needed to take her hands off the rope.

B: Because she thought the last part was very scary.

C: Because it takes a lot from her arms and forearms.

D: Because she was getting tired.  

5. Anouk is an ambassador for the 2025 Olympics in Paris. What does she hope to achieve with her rope climbing record?

A: She wants to inspire others to break records. 

B: She wants people to see how beautiful the Eiffel Tower is.

C: She hopes to encourage young women to start a sport.

D: She wants to show she deserves a medal.

6. If you had to break a record (any record at all), what would you try to do?

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