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Who owns the treasure on the San Jose ship?


  • People use the term fine china when they are talking about porcelain, because a lot
    of porcelain used to come from China.
  • To recover something means to get it back or save it.
  • When something is described as national heritage, it means it is special to the
    history and culture of a country and should be protected.
  • To negotiate something is when two sides want something, and they have a
    discussion about it.
  • When you salvage something, it means you rescue it or bring it back.
  1. Why does the Colombian government want to recover the ship and its treasures?
    A. Because they want to test out new technology that can go deep into the sea.
    B. Because it’s their national heritage and they deserve to have the money.
    C. So that the public can appreciate the objects in museums.
    D. Because they want to divide and separate the objects.
  2. What kind of treasures can be found in and around the sunken ship? Tick all the objects
    that are mentioned in the video.

    A. Chests filled with emeralds
    B. Chests filled with rubies
    C. Crates
    D. Fine china
    E. Fine silks
    F. Gold coins
    G. Jewellery
    H. Silver coins
  3. What happened to the San Jose ship in 1708? Spot the mistake in these sentences. 
    The San Jose ship was taking the treasures from Colombia to Spain when they were spotted by a Spanish warship. The Spanish attacked the San Jose ship, and the ship and its treasures sank to the bottom of the ocean.
  4. Who found the sunken ship? Fill in the words in the sentences below.
    American – coordinates – government – navy – negotiated

An […] company claimed they found the ship in 1981. They […] with the
Colombian […] to get a part of the treasure, but they couldn’t agree. Then, 2015,
the Colombian […] said they found the ship in a different location. However, the exact
[…] are kept secret.

  1. The treasures have caused a legal battle over who owns them. Why does Colombia have a good strong argument that the treasure should belong to them?
    A: Because the ship was Colombian and has archaeological value.
    B: Because part of the sea where the ship was found is within Colombian borders.
    C: Because the Colombian navy won’t tell anyone what the ship’s exact location is.
    D: Because the treasures came from Colombia and were gathered by enslaved Colombian

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