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Warming Up

It has been a warm start of the year.



  • record temperatures – temperatures that are higher or lower than temperatures have ever been at this time of year
  • to thaw – to stop being frozen
  • spring – the season between winter and summer, when plants and trees begin to grow
  • short-lived – lasting for a short time
  • to plunge – to fall or drop suddenly
  • chilly – cold
  • unprecedented – like never before
  • outdoors – not inside your home or any building


  1. 1  January 2022 was the warmest New Year’s Day since….
  2. Why did the ice rink in London close?
  3. The reporter asks people: “What month of the year does this feel like?”
    What do they answer? Give 2 examples.
  4. Will the weather stay this warm?
  5. It is warm in other countries as well. Which countries are mentioned in the video? Name three.



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