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Troubled Waters


  • If there is a scarcity of something, there is not enough of it for the people who need it.
  • A rising population means that the number people living in a place is becoming larger and larger.
  • The restoration of something is the process of returning something to how it used to be.
  • Ecosystems are all the plants and animals that live in a particular area together.
  • If you step up something, you make it bigger or more effective.


1.              Fill in the missing numbers.

a               …….. percent of water on earth is salty.

b               …….. percent of water on earth is frozen freshwater.

c                …….. percent of water on earth is available for all the people living on earth.

2.              What is water scarcity?

a               The danger of drinking unclean water.

b               The main cause of pandemics, because people do not wash their hands.

c                When people have difficulties getting fresh water for at least one month a year.

d               When people only drink water for at least one month a year.

3.              Water scarcity has been getting worse. Why? Select all correct items.

a               Rising population.

b               Hitting people.

c                Stricter hygiene rules.

d               More pollution.

e               Climate change.

f                 Extreme droughts.

4.              What can we doe to fix the state of water? Select all correct answers.

a               Hold a water conference each year.

b               Water conservation.

c                Spend billions of dollars to inform people.

d               Better water recycling technology.

e               Restoration of ecosystems.

f                 Stop flying.

g                Fight harder against climate change.

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