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The New King

The Queen is dead. Long live the King.


  • Clues are bits of information that help you find something or understand something.
  • An adult is a fully grown person. Someone who is no longer a child.
  • The person next in line to the throne will become king or queen when the present king or queen dies.
  • A devoted father is a father who loves his children very much.
  • Westminster Abbey is a very famous and important church in London.
  • If you say that something hasn’t all been plain sailing you mean that it was not very easy.
  • Banknotes are pieces of paper money.
  • Stamps are small pieces of paper that you buy and then stick on an envelope or package. This is to pay the cost of mailing it.
  • The initials are the first letters of names. Example: The initialsD.R. stood for “Franklin Delano Roosevelt.”
  • Your interests are the things that you enjoy doing, like your hobbies.



  1. What happened first? What happened next? Put the events in the correct order.
    a       Charles and Diana divorce.
    b      Charles becomes Prince of Wales.
    c       Charles is born at Buckingham Palace.
    d      Charles marries Camilla.
    e      Charles marries Lady Diana Spencer.
    f        Harry marries Meghan.
    g       Prince Harry is born.
    h      Prince William is born.
    i        Princess Diana dies in a car crash.
    j        William marries Catherine.


  1. Charles III is the new king. Select the things that will change in the United Kingdom.
    a      Banknotes will show the image of King Charles III.
    b      Charles’ life will become more difficult.
    c       King Charles will divorce Camilla.
    d      New post boxes will have the letters “CR” on them.
    e      Prince Harry will become the new Prince of Wales.
    f        Stamps will show the image of King Charles III.


  1. “We do know about some of Charles’ interests.” What are some of the new king’s interests?
    a      Being a father and finally becoming king.
    b      Collecting stamps and banknotes.
    c       Sailing and visiting Westminster Abbey.
    d      The environment and climate change.

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