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The Little Boy


  • The nitty-gritty are the most important and basic facts or details about something.
  • The opposite of something is the thing that is most different from it.
  • Water that is piled up is water that is all coming together at one place.
  • The upcoming year is the year that will come next.
  • La Niña helped keep a lid on global temperatures: La Niña helped to keep the temperatures from rising a lot.


1.              What is “upwelling”?

a               Cooler deep ocean water spreads back to South America.
b               Deep, cold ocean water rises towards the warmer surface.
c                Ocean water blows from South America towards Asia.
d               Warm ocean water is trapped deep in the ocean.

2.              What causes El Niño? Choose all correct answers.

a               CO2 emissions and sea levels are rising.
b               The winds that could make the water cooler are weaker.
c                Wamer ocean water is not cooled down by colder water below.
d               Water temperatures are cooled down too much by colder water from below.

3.              Fill in the correct year: 2016, 2022, 2023 or 2024.

a               …………………. was one of the hottest years ever recorded.
b               …………………. is expected to be hotter than last year.
c                …………………. could become the hottest year ever.
d               …………………. was a record El Niño year.

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