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Testing the Water


  • Lifeguards are the people who work at a beach or swimming pool. They rescue people when they are in danger of drowning (verdrinken).
  • Looks can be deceiving means that something can be very different from how it seems or appears to be.
  • If you float on water, you are on the surface (oppervlakte) of the water. Not completely in water.
  • A starfish is a flat, star-shaped creature with five arms that lives in the sea.
  • When you are in the sea with your ears immersed, your ears are completely in water.


1.              Jake’s first tip for safe swimming is: Before you get in the water acclimatise.
              What does to “acclimatise” mean?

a               You check for rip currents to discover the best spot for swimming.
b               You decide not to go swimming when the water is splashing cold.
c                You let your body get used to the temperature of the sea water.
d               You tell your friend or a parent that you are planning to take a swim.

2.              What other tips does Jake give to stay safe? Choose all correct answers.

a               Bring your phone.
b               Don’t panic.
c                Go to a life-guarded beach.
d               Never go swimming alone.
e               Only go swimming when the water is really calm.
f                 Swim in between the red and yellow flags.
g                When in trouble, float on your back and start to shout for help.

3.              Remember: float to live if you find yourself in trouble in the water.
              How exactly do you “float to live”? Put the steps in the correct order.

a               Lie on your back.
b               Shout for help.
c                Start waving for help.
d               Stick one hand in the air.
e               Take a starfish position.

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