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Vlag van Zweden

Big news: Sweden will join NATO. What do you actually know about Sweden?

Assignment 1

1        Which countries belong to Scandinavia?

       Work alone or with one or more classmates for a brainstorm: What do you think of when you hear “Sweden”? Write down your ideas.


NATO stands for the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation. It is an international organisation of countries for their security and defense. It has 31 members. With Sweden it will have 32 members.

Here are some interesting facts about Sweden.

Read the text up to “Attractions and Landmarks”.
Make assignment 2 and assignment 3.
Read the rest of the text if you want to.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.   inhabitantsa.      the average number of years that a person can expect to live
2.   monarchyb.      (to) be next to another country
3.   Swedishc.       a beautiful, round ornament that kings and queens wear on their head
4.  life expectancyd.      belonging to Sweden
5.   a crowne.       a country that is ruled by a king or queen
6.   indigenous peoplef.        large area of fresh water, surrounded by land
7.   (to) conquerg.      large areas where trees grow close together
8.    regionh.      a part of a country
9.   (to) borderi.        people that live in a particular place
10.  forestsj.        the people who lived in a place in the beginning
11.  mountainsk.       (to) take control of a country, city, etc. by using force
12.  lakesl.        very high areas of land

Assignment 3

a        How many inhabitants does Sweden have?

1    1.6 million

2    10 million

3    100 000

4    11 million

b        What is the capital city of Sweden?

1    Malmö

2    Oslo

3    Stockholm

4    Vänern

c        What are the Sami people?

1    The ancient people who belonged to the family of Olof Skötkonung.

2    The first people who lived in the area that is now Sweden.

3    The people who live in all the Scandinavian countries.

4    The Svea kings who conquered Sweden and Finland.


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