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Starry, Starry Night

The sky at night seems to be changing.


  • A glow is a soft, steady light. Like the glow of a lamp or the glow of the moon.
  • If you say that something is disappearing, you mean that you can no longer see it.
  • A reminder is something that helps you to think of something.
  • Something that is wasteful uses too much of something valuable, such as energy, money, or time.
  • If something affects animals, it has an effect or influence on animals. The animals will start to behave differently.


1.              What causes light pollution?

a               Satellites that look at earth from space.

b               The beautiful glow you can see.

c                The world going out and seeing stars at night.

d               Things like street lights and advertising.

2.              How has the sky been changing in the last 10 years?

a               It has become 10 percent brighter each year.

b               It has become 10 percent brighter than 10 years ago.

c                It has lost 10 percent of its stars and planets.

d               It has not changed at all.

3.              What is the effect of light pollution?

a               It can affect our health and how we sleep.

b               It could keep stars shining bright in the sky.

c                People will start going out more at night.

d               Researchers around the world can count more stars.

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