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October Headlines

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a        Name three or more sources (bronnen) of news.
b        Name three or more types of news.
c        Where do you get your news?


October Headlines

Newsround is a British news programme specifically made for children. Every day, many new news stories are published.

Read some of the Newsround’s important topics published in October.


Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.     the headlines a.     brother of your mother or father
2.     pick b.     to deal with all people in the same way
3.     discrimination c.     to give attention to a problem or situation
4.     guidelines d.     an illness, injury or other condition that makes it difficult for somebody to do some things that most other people can do
5.     to treat equally e.     to live according to the customs and teachings of a religion
6.     hairstyle f.      the most important news stories
7.     exotic g.     a new or difficult task or problem, something that is hard to do
8.     to address h.     rules or instructions that show or tell how something should be done
9.     uncle i.      selection
10.  achievement j.      the situation when a person or group of people is treated less fairly or less well than others
11.  keen k.     a thing that somebody has done successfully
12.  mountain l.      very different, strange or unusual
13.  challenge m.   very excited about an activity or idea
14.  disability n.     very high hill, often with rocks near the top
15.  to practice o.     the way in which someone has cut or arranged their hair


Assignment 3

a        Connect the keyword(s) on the left with the correct news item on the right.

1   hairstyles a       Afro hair
2   Munros
3   PM b       Rishi Sunak
4   Scotland
5   UK politics c       Quinn the mountain climber
6   UK schools


b        How were children with Afro hairstyles discriminated at school? Choose all the correct answers.

1     People described their hair as exotic.
2     People made fun of their hairstyles.
3     Some hairstyles were banned.
4     They were bullied in the classroom.
5     They were not allowed to cover their hair.


c        What is a Munro?

1     A climber who has conquered all mountains in Scotland.
2     A mountain in Scotland that is over 914 m tall.
3     A prize for people who climb high mountains in Scotland.
4     A special name given to 10-year-old adventurer Quinn.



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