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News Roundup

Assignment 1

a        Name 5 or more words that have to with news.
b        Name 3 or more places where you can find news information.


News Roundup

Here is a roundup of some recent news.


Read the text once for Assignment 2.

Then read the text again. Make Assignment 3.


Assignment 2

Find the words in the text.
Connect the words and expressions in the two columns that have the same meaning.

1.     wildfire a.     the action of making land, water, air, etc., dirty and unsafe
2.     blazes b.     drops of liquid that come out of your eyes when you cry
3.     to declare c.     electronic devices that are sent into space and move around the earth
4.     to reopen d.     exact statements of what must or must not be done in a particular situation
5.     to vaccinate e.     to give a person a vaccine in order to protect them against a disease
6.     tears f.      letting air come up noisily from your stomach and out through your mouth
7.     strict rules g.     to open a shop, theatre, etc. again, after being closed for a period of time
8.     satellites h.     a place that you get something from
9.     burp i.      plots of land on which animals such as cows and pigs are fattened for market
10.  pollution j.      to say something officially or publicly
11.  source k.     a very big fire that spreads quickly and burns natural areas like woods
12.  feedlots l.      very large fires, especially dangerous ones


Assignment 3

1        How many stories are in this news roundup?

a     1
b     3
c     4
d     6


2        Why do the fire fighters in New Mexico have to work quickly?

a     They do not have to work quickly. Everything is okay because of calmer weather.
b     They just want to be finished before the weekend and have some free days.
c     To do as much as possible before strong winds come that will make the fire bigger.
d     To stop the largest wildfire. It has been spreading to all the nearby states since April.


3        What changes in New Zealand on Monday, 9 May?

a     After 2 years, tourists from Australia are allowed to visit again.
b     After 2 years, tourists from many European countries are allowed to visit again.
c     Over 90 000 tourists will visit the country. This is a tourism record for New Zealand.
d     Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will welcome tourists from 60 countries in Auckland.


4        What is GHGSat?

a     A company that captures methane to create electricity.
b     A company that collects information about pollution with satellites.
c     A company that keeps thousands of cows that are killed for meat.
d     A company that produces greenhouse gases such as methane.



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