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Music to Their Ears

Assignment 1

Read the assignment and write down the answers in English. You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Name 3 or more Eastern European countries.

b           For each country you named, write down the adjective (bijvoeglijk naamwoord) belonging to its name.


Music to Their Ears

There is a war going on in Ukraine. Many people have fled the country. They are staying in places all over the world. A lot of refugees are in Poland, hoping to return home soon.

Read some more about Ukrainian refugees in Poland.


Assignment 2

Read the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning in the text.

1.     musician a.     feeling embarrassed or uneasy
2.     homesick b.     a feeling or belief that you can do something well or succeed at something
3.     hotspot c.     to make something more popular, well-known, etc.
4.     tourists d.     not going well together or belonging together
5.     invasion e.     people who have done something brave or good and are admired for this
6.     uncomfortable f.      people who travel to a place for pleasure
7.     confidence g.     a person who writes, sings, or plays music
8.     national anthem h.     pieces of clothing that cover your feet and ankle and are worn inside shoes
9.     to promote i.      sad because you are away from your family and home
10.  mismatched j.      to shout or say something really loud
11.  socks k.     a song that is officially accepted as the song of a specific country
12.  to yell l.      very popular or active place
13.  heroes m.   when an enemy enters another country to take control of it


Assignment 3

a        True or false? Roman Panchenko is…

1        Ukrainian.
2        Russian.
3        Polish.
4        A musician.
5        A tourist.
6        A guitarist.


b        Why does Roman want “to promote some songs of Ukraine”?

1        To amuse Polish and Ukrainian tourists.
2        To earn money so he can buy food at fancy restaurants.
3        To help his country as best as he can.
4        To overcome his fear of singing in the street.


c        Why is Roman wearing mismatched socks?

1        For no special reason.
2        It is a fashion statement; he wants to stand out.
3        They are the colours of the Ukrainian flag.
4        They are the only socks he has.




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