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  • Predators are animals that kill and eat other animals.
  • Feral cats are wild cats that are not owned or controlled by anyone.
  • Animals that are native to a country live there naturally and were not brought there
  • Rats, mice, and squirrels are rodents.
  • During night-time curfews you, or in this case cats, have to stay indoors all night.
  • Containment means that you take measures to keep something under control.
  • The Cat Act is a law that states which rules apply to cats.


1.              How did cats turn up in Australia?

a               They appeared out of the Australian bushes.
b               They escaped from animal shelters and rescue centres.
c                They have always lived in Australia naturally.
d               They probably arrived with the first European settlers.

2.              Why are pet cats a problem in Australia?

a               They are becoming too popular
b               They kill millions of native animals each year.
c                They control populations of rabbits and rodents.
d               They leave the house and do their own thing.

3.              Who is responsible for all the cats that walk around in Australia?

a               The First Fleet, who brought the first cats to Australia.
b               The local governments, who have to make the rules.
c                The owners, who have to watch their pets.
d               The public, who should report cats that are misbehaving.

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