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March News

What’s up in the world this month?

Read the following words and phrases and their definitions.

  • to propose – to suggest something like a plan or an idea to others
  • planes grounded – Airplanes that are “grounded” are prevented from flying.
  • to smash records – to break existing records with far better performances or achievements
  • pristine – not changed by people; left in its natural state
  • samples – small amounts of something that give information about the thing it was taken from
  • to accumulate – to become more gradually as time passes
  • soil – the top layer of earth in which plants grow
  • species – a group of animals or plants that are similar and can produce young animals or plants


First read the assignment. Next watch the video. Take notes to help you do the assignment.

For A2 listeners
Watch the video until 1:28.
Answer the first three questions.

1. How old is the World Wide Web this month?
2. When did the first website in the world go online?
3. How many websites are there today?

For B1 listeners
Watch the video until 3:45.
Answer all six questions.

4. Which information can be found on a black box?
5. How many million dollars has the Captain Marvel film made already?
6. Which materials does Phoebe, the penguin researcher, analyse for her research?

Andere Video-opdracht Engels

Hond op schoot in vliegtuig

New airline offers flights for dogs

What would you do to take your dog with you on a plane? A new airline is offering a service that lets dogs fly with you.

Orang-oetan met blad op zijn hoofd

Orangutan spotted making his own medicine

An orangutan was seen making his own medicine to treat a wound on his face. Researchers think this might be the first time something like this has been documented.

Meisje houdt kleding vast

Where do our donated clothes go?

Many of us have clothes we don’t wear anymore, and we often donate them in hopes that someone else will use them. But where do our donated clothes go?


Onbeperkt toegang
met je OvM account

Met het OvM account krijg je als onderwijsprofessional toegang tot meer artikelen en regel je welke informatie je wilt ontvangen. Bijvoorbeeld de nieuwsbrief of Juf & Meester.