Lending a Hand

It is easy to feel powerless when we see what is happening in Ukraine. Many people are helping, for example by raising funds.



  • fund-raising – activity done to collect money (for a charity, school, political party, etc.)
  • halfway through – here: already we have collected half of the money we hope to collect
  • to pledge to donate – to promise that you will give money, time, etc.
  • to show solidarity – to show that you support (the ideas of) other people
  • charities – organizations that help people who desperately need help
  • acts of compassion – things people do to show their feeling of pity and sympathy for others




  1. How much money have Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis already raised?
    a      30 thousand dollar.
    b      3 million dollar.
    c       15 million dollar.
    d      30 million dollar.


  1. What does Dolly Parton want us to send to the people in Ukraine?
    a      Earrings
    b      Love and hope.
    c       Millions of dollars.
    d      Music awards.


  1. What did Gigi Hadid pledge to donate?
    a      3 million dollar.
    b      Acts of compassion.
    c       Her dress.
    d      Her earnings.







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