King Tides

Assignment 1

For this assignment you may use a dictionary or English-language Internet sources to help you.

a    List three or more possible results of climate change.

b    Collect all the items on your and your classmates’ lists. Discuss the points on your total list. Do you think all these things are actually results of climate change? Explain your opinion.


King Tides

A king tide is an especially high spring tide (springtij), that occurs during a full moon in the summer and winter months. The high waves are very impressive to see. People love to shoot and post king tide pictures.

These photos are not just pretty, but also useful, as you can read here.


Assignment 2

Read the article. Find the words and expressions in the first column. Connect them with the correct definition.

1.    to document a.   a cliff or steep area of land that is gradually destroyed by wind and water
2.    high tides b.   to collect
3.    to predict c.   covered with water
4.    geolocation data d.   having a powerful effect on a person or situation
5.    policymakers e.   highway road that goes under another road or railroad
6.    flooding f.    a huge up and down movement of the sea
7.    eroding bluff g.   information that shows the place where a photo was taken
8.    to gather h.   to make stronger
9.    a massive swell i.    members of a government or other organization who are responsible for making new rules, laws, etc.
10. coastal communities j.    to record the details of an event or process
11. to amplify k.   to say that something will happen in the future
12. a goal l.    a situation in which an area is covered with water from rain or high water
13. freeway underpass m. something that you are trying to get or reach
14. swamped n.   the times when the sea or a river reach their highest level
15. impactful o    towns along or near the sea


Assignment 3

a    True or false?

1    Weather images and data allow scientists to study and prepare for climate change.
2    Many people in western countries think that climate change is just a far-away problem.
3    King tides occur about twice a year, but only in Australia.
4    High tide photos by hobby photographers are useful to plan and prepare for the future.
5    King tides are typical for the 21st century.


b    Why are scientists interested in studying the flooding from king tides?

1    High water photos show that king tides occur in many places around the world.
2    It can show which areas will be in danger when sea levels rise because of climate change.
3    Some people do not believe climate change is happening. The flooding is proof that it is real.
4    With the flooding data scientists can ask governments for more research money.


c     What is the common goal of all King Tide Projects?

1    To encourage people to make and send in lots of high tide photos.
2    To get people thinking more about polar bears.
3    To inform people about the effects of climate change on everyday life.
4    To warn farmers when to move their cows because their lands will flood.



WK 11 2019-2020 Lezen B2 King Tides

WK 11 2019-2020 Lezen B2 King Tides – uitwerking

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