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How does famous biologist Jane Goodall look back on her life?

Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall is one of the world’s most famous biologists. She is known for her studies with apes and her climate activism. As she turns 90 years old, she looks back on her remarkable life. 


  • trailblazer is a person who is (one of) the first to do something and has a large impact. A trailblazer leaves a trail for others to follow and do the same.
  • When Jane immersed herself in the world of chimpanzees, it means she got very deeply involved and lived amongst them.
  • Standing up and speaking out about an issue is called advocacy.
  • When you are involved in conservation, it means you are trying to protect the existence of animal or plant species.
  • Deforestation is process that takes places when forests are chopped down, burned, or die off because of human intervention.
  • Mercury is a chemical that is very dangerous to your health and is used in purifying gold.
  • When an area is polluted, it means there are harmful materials or chemicals in it, and it isn’t safe for animals or humans.
  • To source something means to gather, collect, or get something.


Watch the video from 0:00 to 1:24

1. Jane Goodall says her work has to continue because of ‘the state that the world is in’. She gives a few examples of this. Which ones does she mention? 

A: Deforestation

B: Overproduction

C: Climate change

D: Poverty

E: Loss of biodiversity

F: Industrial farming

G: Ageing populations

2. Jane says that she shouldn’t slow down because she’s 90, but that she needs to speed up. Why is that? Explain your answer in a sentence.

Watch the video from 01:24 to 02:50

3. Jane Goodall has a partnership with the jewellery brand Brilliant Earth. What has this brand done to support the Jane Goodall Institute? Three things are mentioned: name at least one.

4. There are a few things that are special about Jane Goodall’s necklace from Brilliant Earth. Connect the material to the reason why it’s special. Some reasons can be connected to both the materials.

A: The metal1. There’s no impact on the environment.
B: The diamond2. It’s recycled.
3. It’s grown in a lab.
4. It could be made from old tooth fillings.

5. Jane Goodall mentions that her necklace is made from recycled metal. She says why she appreciates this so much, because of what’s happening in Brazil. What is happening in Brazil?

A: Illegal gangs are mining for gold in the rivers and poisoning the people who oppose them.

B: The miners that live there are being poisoned while working in dangerous, illegal gold mines.

C: The miners use mercury to mine for gold, which pollutes the river and threatens animal and human lives.

D: The animals’ habitat is being stolen to make room for more illegal gold mines.  

Watch the video from 02:50 to the end.

6. Jane says we can help protect the world by asking critical questions when we buy products. Name at least two questions she mentions we should ask ourselves.

7. Jane says what she would like her legacy to be. Fill in the gaps in the sentences from her statement.

I would like my legacy to be, firstly, the fact that because of my chimpanzee […] science began to recognise that […], like us, have […], minds, and emotions. Right down from chimpanzees, to elephants, dolphins, whales, and the octopus. Secondly, starting the […] for young people, Roots and Shoots, which is now in 70 […] around the world.

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