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In the Dry

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a        Select all words that rhyme with drought (How to prononunce drought.)
about, blackout, float, fought, sauerkraut, shout, smart, sprout, thought

b        Select all words that rhyme with flood (How to prononunce flood.)
blood, bud, food, good, stud, wood


In the Dry

Europe and parts of China have experienced extreme temperatures this summer. Dry spells in Africa have put millions at risk of starvation. In the American West it hardly rains any more. Scientists say warmer and drier seasons are likely to become the norm.

We are talking about drought. A drought means that a place has less rain or snow than normal over a few months or even longer. Read facts and backgrounds on drought. Only read the last two parts, starting with “Causes of Drought”, then “Drought and Floods”.


Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.     drought a.     an area of grass, usually part of someone’s garden
2.     causes b.     to come in between so that something has to stop or cannot happen
3.     moisture c.     disasters happening in and by nature, like earthquakes, droughts, etc.
4.     rain d.     happening slowly, without being noticed
5.     places upstream e.     large amounts of water covering areas of land that are usually dry
6.     floods f.      a large area of water, with land all around it
7.     natural hazards g.     a long period of time during which there is very little or no rain
8.     to approach h.     to move or become nearer
9.     creeping i.      not far away
10.  to interrupt j.      points that are in a higher part of a stream (river)
11.  lawns k.     things that make something happen
12.  nearby l.      tiny drops of water in the air, on a surface or on the ground
13.  lake m.   water that falls in drops from clouds in the sky


Assignment 3

Read the last two parts, starting with “Causes of Drought”, then “Drought and Floods”.

a        What can cause droughts? Select all the correct answers.

1     No frost over a period of time.
2     No rain over a period of time.
3     No snow over a period of time.
4     No wind over a period of time.
5     Places are built too close to rivers.
6     Places upstream are too dry.
7     People using too much water.


b        How are droughts different than other dangerous natural events?

1     They are not normal parts of climate, like floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.
2     They are not so bad for people as most floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.
3     They happen so slowly that it takes some time before we start noticing them.
4     They only happen in places where people use too much water.


c        What are signs of drought? Select all the correct answers.

1     Lawns and plants starting to look brown.
2     The wind picking up.
3     Water rising in rivers and lakes.
4     You start seeing less water in rivers and lakes.



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