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Henry Sugar

The last week of September 2023 saw the release of a new short film. It is called The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar. It is a film based on a short story.

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Name 5 or more English-language writers.

b           Name 3 or more forms of prose writing.

Henry Sugar

Rachel has seen the film The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.
Here you can read  what she thinks of it.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:

review – kind – vibrant – to tackle – hue – hilarious – the wit – breathless – a study – blackjack – greed – folly – on the verge of tears – mashup – poignant

Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

a       almost crying

b       a card game

c        a colour

d       the desire to have more of something, such as food or money, than is necessary

e       foolishness

f         friendly and helpful to others

g        mix of two or more things

h       out of breath

i         a report that gives someone’s opinion about the quality of a book, film, concert, etc.

j         a room for learning and reading and writing

k        to take on, to get to work with

l         a talent for being funny and making clever and amusing remarks

m      very bright and strong

n       very emotional and moving

o       very funny

Assignment 3

a        Who wrote the The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar?

1     Imdad Khan

2     Rachel Leishman

3     Roald Dahl

4     Wes Anderson

b        Choose the best summary of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar.

1     A blind man discovers a small book that describes how to see without using your eyes.

2     A collector of books dedicates three years of his life to learning how to play cards.

3     A gambler learns to see without using his eyes so that he can win at card games.

4     A greedy, foolish man turns his life around and tries to be the best person possible.

c        What is the main message of The Wonderful Story of Henry Sugar?

1     Eating too much sugar is bad for you.

2     Having everything only matters if you do good with it.

3     When you have everything, it can leave you breathless.

4     You can have everything, but life is still meaningless.


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