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Guinea Pigs

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a           Brainstorm about animal testing and write down 5 or more words or phrases related to it.

Guinea Pigs

People are talking a lot about animal testing in the UK currently.
What is animal testing and why are people talking about it?

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:

policy – outrageous – lifted the ban – committed – scientific research – legal – benefits – a rodent – species – suitable – campaigners – inhumane – essential – (to) harm

Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

a       allowed by the law

b       careful study that is done by scientists to find new knowledge about something

c        doing everything to make sure something will definitely happen

d       extremely important and necessary

e       a group of animals or plants that are similar

f         to hurt or injure an animal or person

g        not kind or gentle to people or animals

h       an officially accepted set of rules about what should be done

i         people who carry out activities because they want social or political things to change

j         positive and helpful results

k        right or good for a specific purpose

l         a small animal (such as a mouse or rat) that has sharp front teeth

m      stopped an official rule saying that people are not allowed to do something

n       unacceptable and shocking

Assignment 3

a        Why is animal testing in the news in the UK?

1        The EU chemical rules are no longer binding for the UK.
2        European rules for animal testing have changed.
3        The UK government has changed the policy on animal testing.
4        UK politicians want to offer better protection for animals.

b        Animal testing: true or false?

1        Living animals are used for animal testing.
2        Testing on living animals is not allowed in the UK.
3        In the UK, new medicines must be tested on three different types of animals.
4        Not only medicines are tested on animals.
5        Cats, dogs and horses are never used for animal testing.

c        Which of the following arguments are for and which are against animal testing?

1        Animal testing has helped to develop life saving cures.
2        Animal testing is cruel.
3        Animal testing is essential for the safety of humans.
4        Animal testing is effective because animals and humans are biologically so similar.
5        Animal testing is not effective because animals are so different to humans.
6        Animal testing is not necessary.


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