Global Meltdown


  • Permanent sea ice found in the Arctic and Antarctic is called polar ice.
  • When ice melts it changes to water.
  • When you run a faucet, you turn it on so that water will start to flow.
  • A drain is an opening in the bathtub or sink that leads to a pipe.
  • If you monitor something, you regularly check on it to see what is happening or how it is changing.
  • Sea level rise means that the average level of the seas across the globe is becoming higher. 


  1. How does NASA check the state of polar ice?
    a By opening up the drain and letting water out.
    b With satellite lasers in space.
    c With space monitors that measure the thickness.
    d With special bathtubs on Antarctica and Greenland.
  1. What is the most important cause that sea levels are rising?
    a Melting polar ice.
    b Snow falling over the ice sheet
    c The thickness of the ice through time
    d Thinning ice sheets.
  1. So is polar ice melting?
    a Yes.
    b No.
    c Nobody knows.
    d It doesn’t say.

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