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Fewer young people are getting their driver’s license – will that make them lonelier?

Jonge vrouw krijgt rijles

Young people who belong to Generation Z are less likely to have a driver’s license than compared to people of their age 30 years ago. They are also more likely to feel lonely. Could the two be connected?  


  • Something (or someone) is described as notorious when it’s famous, but for a bad reason. It has a bad reputation.
  • Shifts are another way of saying ‘changes’.
  • People describe growing up as coming of age.
  • When you put something to use, you are utilising it.
  • When something exacerbates something else, it makes it worse.
  • Maturity is the word that describes being a balanced, developed adult.

Watch 00:00 – 01:41 of the video.

1. What reasons are given for why Gen Z drives less?

A: You can take public transport, like the bus or train.

B: It’s much safer to stay inside. 

C: There are many apps to share cars. 

D: It has become harder to pass the test. 

E: They don’t have the patience for the traffic.

F: They are concerned about the climate.

G: Things like food delivery apps mean you don’t need a car.

2. The video mentions some ‘broader shifts’ happening among members of Gen Z. Name at least two things that this generation is doing differently according to the video.

3. How did the pandemic affect this generation? Fill in the missing words.

came of age – changes – seemed – shifted – socialize 

They […] in a time when everything […] to being online, and real-life interactions […] less important. Additionally, about half of Gen Z says they’re on their phone almost constantly, which […] the way they […].

Watch 01:41 to the end of the video.

4. The video mentions that Gen Z have a ‘financial hierarchy’. What does this have to do with their driving habits?

A: Because of inflation, some things have increased more in price than others, so Gen Z has to spend more money on groceries and can’t afford driving. 

B: They have a hierarchy of things they want to or can spend money on, and cars and driving have moved further down the list because Gen Z have other options now.

C: Gen Z is in a worse financial position than other generations, creating a hierarchy of who can and who can’t afford to drive. 

5. Dana Griffin talks about psychologist Jennifer Hartstein and what she thinks about the effects of the covid pandemic.  According to Hartstein, what is the effect of the combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fact we’re so connected with one another online?

6. Do you think not having a driving license could make people lonelier? Explain your opinion in your own words.

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