Merriam-Webster is an important publisher of dictionaries in the United States.
Each year, the company announces a word of the year.
Their word of the year 2022 is “gaslighting”.


  • Abuse of someone is bad and harmful treatment of this person.
  • Something valuable is something that is worth a lot of money or something that is important to someone in a personal way.
  • If someone rifles through things, this person searches through something quickly in order to steal something.
  • The attic is the room at the top of a house just below the roof.
  • If a light flickers, it shines unsteadily, sometimes bright, sometimes dim.
  • victim is a person who is cheated or fooled by someone else.


  1. Where does the term “gaslighting” come from?
    a      A crazy woman from the Gaslight Era.
    b      A film from 1944 called Gaslight.
    c       A government campaign from 1944.
    d      A play by Ingmar Bergman called Gaslight.
  1. What could make gaslights in a room flicker?
    a       If you lived in a house with too many rooms.
    b      If you switched on the heating in the same room.
    c       If you turned on the light in another room.
    d      If you went to the attic to rifle through things.
  1. So what does the modern term gaslighting mean?
    a      Choosing to live like people in the 1940s with gaslights and other old things.
    b      Making somebody believe false things and doubt their instincts.
    c       Marrying a woman only in order to find something valuable that belongs to her.
    d      Turning up the light in one room to dim all the other lights in the house.

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