Every year, the leaders of the so called G7 countries meet to talk about things going on in the world.


  • A summit is a meeting at which the leaders of two or more countries discuss important matters.
  • The wealthiest democracies are the richest democratic countries.
  • An invite list is a list of all the people who are invited to an event.
  • A group of people or countries that join together to achieve a shared goal form a united front.


Watch the first item of the video.

1.              What does the name “G7” mean?

a               Global Seven Seas.
b               Greatest Seven Economies.
c               Group of Seven.
d               Grumpy Seventies.

2.              This year, more than 7 countries were invited to the G7 Summit. How many more?

a               3
b               7
c                8
d               15

3.              Which of the following countries were NOT invited to the G7 meeting in Hiroshima? Choose all correct answers.

a               Brazil.
b               Canada.
c                China.
d               Italy.
e               Russia.
f                 Ukraine.

4.              Which of the following topics will be discussed at the G7 summit? Choose all correct answers.

a               China’s military activities.
b               Climate change.
c                The global economy.
d               Peace talks.
e               Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
f                 Strategic nuclear weapons.

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