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Furbies’ Plan

Remember ChatGPT? An engineering student in Vermont connected a furby to ChatGPT. Then this happened.


  • A plot is a secret plan to do something that is illegal or wrong.
  • If someone infiltrates a place or organization, they enter it secretly in order to spy on it or change it.
  • A cuddly toy is so soft and innocent to look at, that you want to put your arms around it.
  • Influence is the power to make other people agree do what you want.
  • If someone or a group has domination over someone else, they have power over them.


1.              What question does the student ask the furby?

2.              How are the furbies planning to achieve their goal? Select all correct answers.

a               Infiltrating households

b               Making everybody cute and cuddly

c               Using their AI technology

d               Manipulating household owners

e               Manipulating people’s AI technology

3.              What is the ultimate goal of the furbies?

a               A cute and cuddly world of peace.

b               Complete domination over humanity.

c               Control over all AI technology owners.

d               Expanding domination over households.

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