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Fast Fashion


  • A nightmare is a very bad and frightening dream.
  • The negative, troubled, or antagonistic part of someone or something that is usually kept concealed. My mom is alwa
  • The dark side of something are the parts of a person or thing that are unpleasant, evil or just very bad.
  • If you buy or sell something in bulk, you buy or sell it in large amounts.
  • A landfill is a place where trash and garbage are dumped.
  • Environmentally friendly actions or processes are not bad for nature and all the world around us.


1.      What is typical for “fast fashion”? Choose all correct options. Fast fashion is….

a      … cheap
b      … dark
c      … made by small businesses
d     … made in bulk
e      … poorly made

2.    Which changes have made fast fashion possible?

a    Basic tools to mend or restyle poorly made clothing.
b    Innovations like synthetic material and the sewing machine.
c     More free time for everybody so more shopping for new outfits.
d     Peer pressure to buy more new clothes to keep up with trends.

3.     How can you stop the ever growing fast fashion monster?

a      Hope that companies will start using more environmentally friendly ways of making clothing.
b      Recycle more plastic, chemicals and energy to stop the rubbish mountains in Ghana.
c      Slow down the problem and start buying more cheaps clothing made in bulk.
d      Think about what you buy, buy less and hold on to your clothes for longer.

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