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Fantastic Fall

Autumn is a season when many things in nature change. This year, autumn officially begins on 23 September.

Assignment 1

a        Write down the names of the four seasons.
b        Write down 5 or more autumn words.

Fantastic Fall

Fall and autumn are two words used for the same season.
The season has just kicked off. Find out why autumn is excellent.

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.      excellenta.      the area outside the earth’s atmosphere where the other stars and planets are
2.      treatsb.      bits of food that taste very nice
3.      to triggerc.       a day when people do not go to work or school because of a special festival
4.      leavesd.      empty spaces inside trees
5.      visiblee.      a group of animals or plants that are related
6.      outer spacef.        an imaginary line around the middle of the earth that is the same distance from the North Pole and the South Pole
7.      a cropg.       to kick off, to let something happen
8.      meteorh.      large numbers of meteors seen in a short time
9.      meteor showersi.        the parts of a plant or tree that are flat and thin and usually green
10.   to show offj.        a piece of rock or metal that burns brightly when it falls from the sky into the atmosphere of the earth
11.   speciesk.       the plants or fruits that farmers collect when they are ripe
12.   to storel.        possible to see
13.   tree hollowsm.     to put things in a safe place until they are needed
14.   the equatorn.      to try to impress with how you look or what you can do
15.   national holidayo.      very good

Assignment 3

a        True or false?

1     In autumn, the temperature goes down.
2     Pumpkins are America’s favourite vegetable.
3     Autumn is the season when the Taurid meteor shower happens.
4     In Japan, the first day of autumn is a national holiday.
5     The first day of autumn is a special holiday in all countries of the world.

b        How do tree leaves change their colours in autumn?

1     It happens because there is less sunlight and colder temperatures.
2     It only happens in some areas with lots of chemical waste.
3     Sometimes it is because of changes in outer space.
4     This is a hoax and never really happens.

c        Why do the brains of birds grow bigger in autumn?

1     So that they are more attractive for other birds.
2     So that they become smarter and know how to get ready for winter.
3     So that they can remember where they stored their winter food.
4     This doesn’t happen. Brains cannot grow.

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