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Destination Türkiye

Gathering essentials to send to people in the earthquake-hit areas


  • The essentials are the things that you absolutely need.
  • Everyday items are all the things that you use every day, such as clothes, toothpaste, soap, etc.
  • Donations are things (such as money, food, clothes, etc.) that people give in order to help other people or an organization.
  • A van is a small kind of truck that is used for transporting goods and that is closed in on all sides.
  • If someone or something springs into action they become active suddenly and very quickly.
  • An appeal is a serious and urgent request for help.


1.              Which items are in the boxes in Leicester? Choose all correct answers.
a               blankets
b               clothes
c                phones
d               tinned food
e               vital signs

2.              How will the boxes get to Türkiye?
a               With several aid organizations.
b               With special vans.
c                With the British Red Cross.
d               With Turkish Airlines.

3.              Which items do they need more of? Choose all correct answers.
a               baby products
b               blankets
c                clothes
d               medication
e               personal hygiene products

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