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Cool kids

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.

a        List 5 or more words related to films/movies.
b        Name your favourite film.

Cool Kids
CBC Kids News is a daily news service for kids in Canada.
They publish real news for real kids. They also publish stories of cool kids doing cool things. Erica Mullakady is one of those cool kids.
Read the story of the cool thing Erica did

Assignment 2

Find the words in the text. Connect the words and expressions that have the same meaning.

1.     a napkina.     a film of normal length, usually about imaginary characters and events
2.     to collaborateb.     a film that is 1 minute long
3.     to directc.     interested in doing or thinking about something
4.     boredd.     to lead a group of people in order to make a film
5.     a scripte.     a long written story, usually about imaginary characters and events
6.     commutersf.      the moment when the director, actors etc. actually film a film
7.     a one-minute filmg.     people who travel to and from work regularly
8.     perspectiveh.     a prize in the form of money
9.     a noveli.      to be shown for the first time
10.  spare timej.      a small piece paper used during a meal to clean your lips and fingers
11.  a feature filmk.     time when you do not have to work and you can do whatever you like
12.  a shootl.      tired and impatient and not at all interested
13.  to premierem.   way of looking at something or thinking about something
14.  open to somethingn.     to work with another person in order to make or do something
15.  cash prizeo.     the written form of a play, film, television show, etc.

Assignment 3

a        Choose the best summary.

1     An 11-year-old girl had some spare time at school. She wrote a screenplay for a film. Her dad directed the film. It was a great success.
2     An 11-year-old girl wrote a screenplay for a school project. Her dad is a filmmaker. The screenplay blew his mind and he shot a feature film.
3     An 11-year-old girl was very bored at school. She played around with some napkins. When she told her father the story, he laughed and made a short film.
4     An 11-year-old girl wanted to surprise her mother for her birthday. She went to a flower shop. When she came home, she sang Happy Birthday. Her father filmed the event.

b        True or false?

1     Erica’s dad gave Erica the idea to write a short film.
2     Erica’s film has won an award.
3     Erica’s film is called Before I Change My Mind.
4     Erica’s film is called Perspective.
5     Erica’s teacher asked Erica to write a short film.

c        What would Erica really love to do in the future?

1     To become a filmmaker.
2     To direct her own silent film.
3     To finish the novel that she started.
4     To write a murder mystery.


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