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Chatty Patty

Kleine pratende vogel

Scientists have taught parrots to chat online!

Assignment 1

You may use English-language Internet sources to help you.
a Name 7 or more words related to communication.

Chatty Patty

Parrots are intelligent birds. They love to communicate.

Read about new ways for parrots to chat.

Assignment 2

Read the text. Find (and mark) the following words in the text:
to tell apart – pre-recorded – to indicate – to catch up – preferred – over the course – flocks – to interact – a negative impact – potential – agency

Match the above words and expressions with their correct definitions.

a the ability to act and do things your way
b a bad effect
c best liked; favourite
d during
e to exchange the latest news and gossip
f to express or make clear
g filmed or taped earlier
h groups of birds
i possibility
j to see what the differences are between things
k to talk or do things with others

Assignment 3

a Choose the best summary.

1 Experts have created Facebook profiles for parrots and trained them post updates.
2 Parrots cannot get enough of chatting with other birds through the internet.
3 People who keep parrots should give their pet tablets and a bell.
4 Scientists believe parrots can tell the difference between live and pre-recorded videos.

b Why can video calling be good for pet parrots?

1 It will become more and more important for animals to have internet skills.
2 The connection with other parrots can help them feel more relaxed.
3 The scientists can use the calls to collect important research data.
4 Video calling actually has a very negative impact on all animals.

c Read the last sentence. Choose the option that has the same meaning.

1 It is a big deal that animals can connect with each other through the internet.
2 Many possibilities on the internet are used to let animals interact with each other.
3 Thanks to the internet animals can possibly connect with each other in new ways.
4 With the internet it becomes possible for animals communicate in new ways.


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