Bye Bye Britain

31 January 2020: Brexit Day. Britain finally leaves the EU. What happens next?


  • transition period – a time during which things are changing from one system to another
  • the single market – the system of free trade that exists between countries belonging to the European Union
  • regulations – official rules
  • membership dues – the official payments you make to be a member of something
  • to have a say – he right to give an opinion about something
  • to expire – to end; to stop being in use
  • to negotiate a trade deal – to have long talks in about the way you will do business with each other
  • scaffolding – a structure of metal poles and wooden boards put against a building for workers to stand on when they want to reach the higher parts of the building
  • commemorative coin – a piece of money remember an important event or person
  • tea towel – a cloth that is used for drying dishes
  • adjustment – a small change that improves something or makes it work better
  • adjustment period – a time in which all sorts of (small) changes are made



  1. Name three or more things that will NOT change in the next 11 months.
  2. Does Brexit make the passports of British citizens expire?
  3. Boris Johnson has to negotiate a trade deal with the EU. How long does he have to do that?
  4. Name two or more ways the Brexiteers are celebrating Brexit.
  5. For how many years has Britain been a member of the European Union?



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